Products of The Cake Boutique

The Cake Boutique specializes in, as the name suggests, cakes and pastries. Other food items are also available either on the menu or through special order. Please take a look at the gallery section to get ideas for what you would like. Prices for certain items are fairly consistent, but may vary at different times of the year due to product shortages (e.g. strawberries). It's always a good idea to call and get a quote. Click the contact button on the top-right of this website for the contact information.

The career history of Norbert Maushagen

Norbert came to Canada in 1982 to work with the Four Seasons Hotel Yorkville location. Not long after, Norbert went to open a L'hotel (now formally "The Crown Plaza"). From there it was off to the Harbour Castle (Hilton). The Harbour Castle property was purchased by Westin and after this it was off to the Windsor Arms Hotel. After the Windsor Arms was sold, Norbert decided it was time to open the Wilson location of The Cake Boutique.

Here are some highlights of Norbert's career:

  • 1979 - "Actuelle Schaubude" German TV, Hamburg
  •  19xx - Featured on City TV (while still in Windsor Arms)
  • 19xx - Sue Warnen (TV show)
  • 19xx - Christina Cushing (TV Show)
  • 19xx - CBC News - Tom Aldamen
  • 19xx - Outstanding Culinary Individual Award, silver award for Team Canada in the same event (in Limrick, Ireland)
  • 1986+ - Part-time teacher at George Brown College
  • 1988 - The Cake Boutique opens on Wilson Avenue
  • Gold medals accumulated in competitions (36 total)
  • Overall event winner (12 awards total)